Hi folks, i'm Carise Alejandro also known as Cj - I am a Queer, Trans freelance visual artist, Musician and educator based in the north East, with an MSc In neuroaesthetics. I've worked in schools and on creative community projects with children and young people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Currently, I am Youth Arts producer for Curious Arts -an organisation developing LGBTQIA+ Arts and artists in the North East.

The Majority of my visual art work is inspired by nature and people with hints of surrealism, magical realism and impressionism running through. These often take the form of textural and colour paint studies or inky illustrations. connecting with others and subject matter through the arts is something I really find joy in.


In 2018 I developed a passion for LEDs following a sidestepping physical computing module I completed on my MSC in neuroaesthetics. now, as i continue to embark and develop my personal artistic projects, I am adding Arduino (open-source HArdware that uses coding to create interactive electrocnic objects) to the mix, in the hope of fully exploring my longstanding love of the ¬ multisensory¬

The sonic landscapes I like to create involve ambient, electronic, samba and dub styles, using handpan, bongos, keyboard and Logic Pro (digital)

since 2015, ive been part of an ambient musical duo with Jenny Hibberd (hibword) called Mythm which is predominantly made up of a Handpan and Ukelele. our creative triumph was The Emerge Arts Festival Spalding 2018 'ShakesQueer' - An arts project in association with The Mighty Creatives.

next steps¬  ¬  ¬

click the led to go to my arduino world

¬  ¬  ¬ I'd like to collaborate with people from different working backgrounds, knowledge and experience and develop accessible interactive & multisensory art works as an educational and wellbeing tool for exploring different liveability issues. 

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