L I V e





A digital project exploring 'liveness in performance' with Choreographer         JESSE SALAMAN in collaboration with the Performance research network at        Newcastle University

LIVENESS is a digital dance and poetry piece which stemmed from a poem written in response to the concept of liveness and aliveness.

The work is: a pixelated dancer in nature ~ a filtered neon UV bug rave ~ a queer visual poem.

To be 'live' is to be animated and 'not still' - the performer is performing ‘liveness’ ~ being animated moving particles on a screen ~ we chose to transform a natural landscape into a digital one, incorporating the idea of the performer being a bug under a microscopic lens 'performing a rave' in a simulated environment.

The poem was written at a time of endings, of reflecting upon transformations, after time away, on the cusp of one chapter finishing and preparing to enter another lockdown. The decision to stick with a fuzzy, rave-loop visual was reflective of how we have felt being stuck inside of a new home in a new town. Missing different kinds of connections and chosen family. Where we have been learning, feeling deeply, but not always having anything to really punctuate the day, to hold the time. 

We spent a lot of time in nature this year and a lot of time online, in digital worlds. The mixture of the two is the landscape in which we explored liveness. It felt weird to try and make something shiny and clean, since we didn't feel that way inside or out. We felt connected to the grub, the muck, the soil, the life cycles in nature simultaneously with the digital, pixilated, clunky, chaotic, echo chamber of online spaces

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