Leicester Digital PRIDE 2020

Mythm - (Jenny Hibberd & myself) were commissioned by Pedestrian Charity Leicester & Leicester LGBTQ centre to perform our poetry and music for a digital pride in September 2020.


Produce & Progress


I was commissioned by Pedestrian Charity Leicester as part of the children in need produce and progress programme to work with Leicester LGBT Centre’s First Out group: “a social and support group for young people aged 13-15 who identify anywhere under the LGBT+ umbrella or are questioning their sexuality or gender identity”.


I delivered creative workshops with Jenny Hibberd and the young people to create artwork and music to be installed and performed at Leicester Pride Festival 2018.


Over the sessions, we co-created a patchwork unity quilt, rainbow collage tree and a selfie frame.  The crafted “Los Queerdos” tent was a colourfully decorated, safe space including rainbow body and face painting, acoustic performers, sheet music sing-a-longs, musical jams, selfie opportunities and the ‘positivitree’ where people could hang up their positive thoughts.


Emerge 2018

The Youth Takeover, South Holland Centre

A 12 month project organised by the Mighty Creatives to celebrate and update the life of Shakespeare through the arts and storytelling with young people in hard to reach communities...

Jenny Hibberd (hibword) and myself, i.e. MYTHM were commissioned by the mighty Creatives to work with children from an sen school and young poeple from the youth takeover at the south holland centre, Spalding. over the 12 months We delivered multi-disciplinary workshops culminating in a youth-led Shakespearean-themed arts festivalApril 2018. The day included: flash mob, samba street procession, sensory zone, Elizabethan salon, Shakespearean olympics, walkabout theatre, Shakesqueer drag show, live music and more.


are you okay?

Destress fest 2018


'Are you okay?' 2018 was commisioned by Gurdeep Sian in association with the Attenborough Arts Centre to create a mural about the mind. It was part of DeStress fest 2018 Leicester - an arts, mental heatlh awareness festival. I created it as a semi-interactive piece whereby the public could provide feedback on the wall and on specialised cards about their feelings and thoughts throughout the the festival. 


Illustration commisions


mental health charity

COVID 19 ILLUSTRATIONS on the five ways to wellbeing March 2020 - Jan 2021

Attenborough arts Centre - DeStress Fest

performance and exhibition festival exploring art, mental health and wellbeing

Are you okay? Mind Card, January 2018


The mathematical association

charity In leicester associated with improving mathematics in education


PRimary maths challenge:

advert flyer illustration Stretch boy, 2016



Mythm is Rhythm with an mmmmm...

an Ethereal, meditative musical duo since 2015 journeying through eclectic rhythms and melodies made up of myself on Handpan and other percussion and jenny hibber (hibword) on ukulele, percussion and spoken word.

“It was a very special experience. I felt like it wasn’t a performance that started and ended. It was a very organic sound that is so easily and delightfully compatible with the biological consistency of the human body. It comes into and goes through you seamlessly, like it was always a part of you. You can step into it anytime and you will feel both new and familiar.” – Olivia Shabb

“Mythm is like silence coloured in.” – Joey Mottershead

“I could see tribal priestess horses among the wilderness to your music.” – Jacob Addico



'Alienate' ('cyborg/goddess') was a live performance piece exploring cyborg culture from a digital native perspective.

danni spooner and myself wanted to demonstrate through choreography, sound and projection, the notion that technology is the structure of cycles in nature and thus not bound to the digital realm.

We received R&D residency at LAKE Studios in Berlin, September 2017 and spent just over two weeks creating the work. 

The work was performed at Destress Fest 2018, at The attenborough arts centre in leicester and as part of UKYA city take over, Nottingham, 2019 @ DANCE4 

Costume was made by Aiyyaz Khan.

Choreography, concept, soundscape, filming, film editing was done by DAnni and myself.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 13.29.50

Hi folks, i'm Carise Alejandro also known as Cj - I am a Queer, Trans freelance visual artist, Musician and educator based in the north East, with an MSc In neuroaesthetics. I work in schools and on creative community projects with children and young people from a diverse range of backgrounds

The Majority of my visual art work is inspired by nature and people with hints of surrealism, magical realism and impressionism running through. These often take the form of textural and colour paint studies or inky illustrations. connecting with others and subject matter through the arts is something I really find joy in

The sonic landscapes I like to create involve ambient, electronic, samba and dub styles, using handpan, bongos, keyboard and Logic Pro (digital)

since 2015, ive been part of an ambient musical duo with Jenny Hibberd (hibword) called Mythm which is predominantly made up of a Handpan and Ukelele. our creative triumph was The Emerge Arts Festival Spalding 2018 'ShakesQueer' - An arts project in association with The Mighty Creatives.


In 2018 I developed a passion for LEDs following a sidestepping physical computing module I completed on my MSC in neuroaesthetics. now, as i continue to embark and develop my personal artistic projects, I want to add Arduino (open-source HArdware that uses coding to create interactive electrocnic objects) to the mix, in the hope of fully exploring my longstanding love of the ¬ multisensory¬

next steps¬  ¬  ¬

¬  ¬  ¬ I'd like to team up and collaborate with people from different working backgrounds, knowledge and experiences in order to create interactive/multisensory art work that allows greater access and engagement  with Art, Learning and issues such as health and environment ¬  ¬  ¬

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